Speed Wax

Speed Wax

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Speed Wax works fast and easy on all painted surfaces, clear coat, plastics, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber trim.  This exclusive formula will safely remove dust, mild road grime, and fingerprints.  Perfect for spot washing or complete vehicle washing without water.  Speed Wax is fortified with wax and leaves a "wet look" shine.  Comes with a Sprayer.

  • Product Info

    Speed Wax is a ready to use product that comes in Quart or Gallon Sizes.  Please keep out of reach of children.  Comes with a sprayer.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    If you want to return the product is must be un-opened and good condition.



  • Shipping Info

    To ship this USPS Priority we can ship a quart or gallon at $7.50 each.

  • Directions

    Shake Well.  Avoid spraying on hot surfaces.  Spray mist onto small area.  Rub into surface using a soft clean terry cloth.  Turn cloth over and buff to high gloss.